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Sustainable Events


Well thought-out event packages for a future as green as a meadow in spring.

An event is so much more than just a presentation stand in your company design, free pens and Haribo sweets. It is an ideal opportunity to show your target group that you have a green spot in your heart, take on responsibility, are open-minded and can think outside the box.

Event package hay scent bag fill station
Event kids laugh organic buttons create on natural wood table
Event kids laugh playmais play build close up view
Bio Button Machine Button Create Bird's Eye View

Heartfelt ecological fun

It’s child’s play to care for nature with our well-conceived Playcircular event packages, and at the same time sensitise your target group to your core messages:

dark green honeycomb kids cheering with giant mikado
  • Your brand presentation in the form of a 100 % sustainable, ecological, resource-saving, climate-neutral, compostable event
  •  Green player instead of colourless free rider
  •  Upgrading your company’s internal C02 balance sheet

We admit it: We have an extra games and experience chromosome in our DNA.

Combined with our green self-image,
all parts of the station are therefore 100% returnable and/or recyclable.
From the table to the armchair, up to the demarcations, advertising surfaces or decorative items.
A green Playstation, so to speak, that the next generation will also benefit from.

It's just a pity that you can't eat it as well..


Our Playcircular Code of Honour

Mobility and Transport: Wherever possible, our event staff use public transport or travel to the event electrically. A CO2 offset is paid for each kilometre travelled.

Catering/accommodation: Our event staff are advised to consume mainly seasonal and regionally produced, preferably organic food and beverages; our staff’s beverages are bottled in biodegradable bottles. If an overnight stay is required, we look for accommodation facilities with eco-labels.

No waste – only recycling: All event equipment, including packaging, is 100% C2C – biodegradable or recyclable – thus climate neutral.

Resource control: Every event has a CO2 footprint. Resulting CO2 pollution is compensated by CO2 offsetting.

Cleaning: Only biodegradable cleaning agents from  Sowana are used to clean material used at our  event.

Clothing: Our event staff are equipped with clothing made of 100% C2C material.


We will be happy to create your individual Playcircular event.